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Professional and Personal Development through Public Speaking.

Become a confident speaker.
Boost your presentations’ impact.
Be the leader people remember.


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How Can Amélie Help You?

Amelie Yan-Gouiffes is an international speaker and coach who will help you tackle your public speaking and presenting pain points, show you how to feel and display confidence, and make your message shine for your audience.

She will share with you her personal experience (successes and failures) and her secret for success as a public speaker.

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Amélie’s Services:

1. Group Training
Increase your team’s commitment and empower them as effective brand ambassadors, by learning how to structure and deliver top-level presentations, manage stress and engage audiences with impact.

2. One-on-One Coaching
Reveal your inner diamond through a personalized intensive program.
Boost your confidence to share your message through captivating presentations.

3. Motivational Speaking
Amelie’s unique stories of working in war zones and countries hit by natural disasters and her endless enthusiasm and cross-cultural understanding will breathe new life into your company or event.

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About Amélie:

Before founding Be and Become ® and the Speaking Station, Amelie worked for 17 years managing humanitarian projects in Ex-Yugoslavia, Colombia, Zimbabwe, Eritrea, Nicaragua, Haiti, Nepal and many other countries.

Her engagement was to help people who have lost everything get back on track and beyond. She continues this commitment to people’s development and empowerment today by supporting leaders, decision-makers and changemakers to live and share their message.